Analysis of Sylvia Plath’s The Applicant 251 words

Sylvia Plath’s “The Applicant” ties together a few different themes making it unique. The first theme as denoted by the title is that of a job interview. It is as if Plath is interviewing the reader for a job and asking all these strange questions. Within the form of these strange questions we find the second theme, commercials. Like the stereotypical commercial Plath is trying to convince the reader that they are missing something and that the said product could give you that something. She is essentially showing the absurdity of our commercialistic society by using ridiculous examples of products. The third theme is the roles of women in her time; because she is obviously not pleased with the traditional roles of women she is criticizing them. She is describing the roles of women in a satirical way, in the poem the speaker would appear to be stating what they believed to be fact, but Plath does so in such a way that it is sarcastic. This poem is about the objectifying of women; Plath uses this theme of commercialism to compare women to the products. In essence Plath is critiquing a number of things such as the poor status of women and the ridiculousness of our over materialistic society. In the second to last stanza the speaker describes women as a “living doll that can sew, cook, and talk.” The purpose of this poem would appear to be to show the reader the author’s opinion on the status of women.


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