Analysis of a Streetcar Named Desire 527 words

In the play A Streetcar Named Desire there are many prevalent themes that can ultimately all be tied together in some way. For example, Blanche’s madness can be tied to the theme of illusions and fantasy, because people who refuse to face the truth are often considered to be insane. Stanley views Blanche’s illusions as lie, but it may very well just be her attempt to make her sad life more manageable. One might also argue that Blanche is insane for clinging to the dying traditions of the old south as this can be viewed as her inability to accept the fact that her old way of things is dying out. At the same time we can also see why Blanche might want her old life back, since her family used to be wealthy. Also the name of where Stella lives can be seen as part of this fantasy theme, because the name Elysian Fields implies that it is a place from Greek mythology. There is also the theme of evolutionary metaphors that tie in with the dying of the old south, because Blanche says that they should mix blood with people like Stanley. In other words merge with the new south to prevent your blood line from completely dying off. This is an evolutionary metaphor because according to Darwinism all species with undesirable traits will usually not live to reproduce, thus advancing the evolution of the species as a whole because only those with desirable traits will pass on their genes. This can be related to the same vs. other theme because Stanley is a different species according to Blanche, thus implying they must mix with this different species to create an evolved offspring. Stanley is a very rough character and can often be abusive towards Stella and Blanche. This can be seen as proof of him being a “different species”, more barbaric, and one may argue he is not as evolved as other humans. However, Blanche contradicts herself because she says she should mix blood with people like Stanley, and it does not make sense to mix with someone she would consider inferior. Stanley is basically masculinity personified; he acts on the most basic male instincts. Most males we would expect to have some degree of masculinity, but they would not be as extreme as Stanley. Stanley is our most basic and primal of instincts in human form, and as a result can appear to be a very simple character at first glance. However, he does seem to have some degree of romantic interest in Stella whether he will admit to it or not. He apologizes after hitting Stella and says that he wants her to come back down to his house. This can be interpreted as his love for Stella or that he just wants to sleep with her to satisfy his primitive desires. In any case he appears to like things to be simple and this can explain why his personality clashes with that of Blanche. Blanche seems to like to complicate things, but at the same time try to make them more beautiful. Stanley regards this as nothing more than lies though.

scene from streetcar film


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